It’s been quite the year, to say the least. A lot of ups and downs. I try not to let the media, the market, and everyone’s opinions affect me, but I’d be lying if I said that. I think we’re all affected by the noise. The chatter. And this year has been EXTRA NOISY. And we spend SO much time on our phones with new noise 24/7 we forget about the people in front of us. Around us. The people who helped us this year. The people who actually made 2018 great and the people who will make 2019 even better.

We assume now that everyone knows everything about us because of our status updates so we just never pick up the phone. So this year – actually THIS WEEK – I’m making an extra effort to put the work in to thank everyone for 2018. F*@K the noise. Thank YOU to everyone who worked your ass off in 2018. Thank you to everyone who is putting the work in this week to prep for 2019. So take the time if you can. Today or tomorrow. Before everyone gets back from vacation, and email people. Text them. Pick up the phone if you can. And talk to everyone you appreciate from 2018 and say THANK YOU.

Then reach out to everyone you want to work with in 2019 and tell them that. I know this seems pretty basic but a simple “Hey, I’m thinking of you and hope everything is awesome this holiday season and can’t wait to work together in the new year” can go a long way and make a current relationship stronger or make a new one for tomorrow.

And for those of you who have read this far, here’s extra credit: do the same thing to someone who hurt you this year. Someone who pissed you off. Just do it. Take the high road. Life is too short for anything else. And if YOU hurt someone, apologize. Take the time. Do it. That positivity is exactly what YOU (and all of us) need to block out all this noise going into 2019.

Kill bees with honey. Remember I said that. I love you all. #ReadySetGO