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Advice for Graduates No
One Else Will Tell You

Pro Realtor Advice for Graduates (That You Won’t Get Anywhere Else)

Before graduating college, I was going to be a lawyer. I thought had everything figured out. The plan was to take the LSAT, pass, and achieve my dream. However… I completely BOMBED that test. Essentially, everything I worked hard for in college didn’t mean anything at that point. I was crushed.

It took me a while to realize that my life wasn’t over. That there was a plan B (and C and D and E and so on). I thought maybe this was life’s way of telling me I shouldn’t be a lawyer — obviously.

So I took whatever money I had saved up, moved to New York City, and tried to become an actor because I’d rather regret the things I did than the things I’ve never tried. And from that day on, that was my motto.

My advice isn’t for everyone, but life has shown me that this mentality is the way to go.

Here are 3 Quick Tips:

  1. Be well-rounded. You never know what life’s going to throw at you. I never imagined I’d be killed off of a soap opera before becoming a hand model, etc. There is no one ideal career path.
  2. Say yes. If I didn’t fail, I wouldn’t have had other opportunities in different jobs. I wouldn’t have lived in Korea Town or Long Island City, and I for sure wouldn’t have had a reality TV show. Be open to new things.
  3. TRY. Many people don’t know this, but I didn’t want to be a real estate broker. That was the literally the last job I wanted. But I didn’t have money and I knew that for a couple hundred dollars, I could get my real estate license and become employed. I made my job work for me.

Today, I’m a real estate broker in a way that makes me happy. My future is dictated by what I put into life. Ultimately, I found that if I remain positive, each day goes on and life is awesome.

Tomorrow is a new day. It’s okay to fail, but its not okay to not try. You never know what’s going to happen.


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  • Ryan Serhant is a founder, entrepreneur, producer, public speaker, bestselling author, star of multiple TV shows, and Chief Executive Officer of SERHANT., the rapidly growing tech-forward real estate organization comprised of two core businesses: brokerage and education. Founded in 2020, SERHANT. is a content-to-commerce technology ecosystem revolutionizing the sales industry. SERHANT. is home to the first ever full-service, award-winning, in-house film studio solely dedicated to real estate content, and its digital education platform is comprised of more than 14,000 members across 110 countries.