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10 Simple Strategies to Build
Client Loyalty in Real Estate

What’s better than a loyal real estate client? Well … there’s … and then … or maybe … Short answer? Not much! When it comes to being a real estate agent, a loyal client is one of the best things you can have. And a whole roster full of loyal clients? Solid gold! 

Building client loyalty in your real estate business is essential, and not just because you want one client to be a forever client. When their friends, family or coworkers need a real estate agent, guess who they refer them to? That’s right – YOU! 

Loyal clients are an absolutely invaluable source of lead generation, and it’s so worth it to take the time to nurture those relationships in a way that helps you create the trust your clients seek when buying or selling a property. Keep reading for 10 client loyalty strategies to help grow your real estate business.

10 Client loyalty strategies for real estate success

1. Make working with you stand out. 

What do you do to set yourself apart from everyone else in the real estate business? Is it your excellent customer service, your quirky personality or your ability to connect with your clients on a personal level? Whatever it is that differentiates you, lean into your personal brand and use it to provide a memorable experience.

Another thing that can help you stand out is creating tailor-made experiences for your clients. A real estate agent who possesses the ability to anticipate and meet clients’ needs, creating a customized experience, positions themselves at the top of the heap. If you can be one step ahead in the process to provide them with a one-of-a-kind, top-notch experience, they’ll come back again and again. 

Finally, add anything you can to make the process easy and enjoyable. If you want to become their go-to agent, share homes you know will pique their interest. Throw in a few extras, like a professional house cleaning upon closing or a free house staging if they are selling. 

2. Host client events. 

Want to create loyal clients for life? Spend time with them. Provide them with valuable information they need through a seminar, or throw a client appreciation event. No matter the occasion, hosting an event shows you put time and effort into doing something for them, and that makes an impression.

Seminars are a great way to educate your real estate clients on homeownership topics, share your knowledge on the real estate industry and position yourself as a home expert. You can also boost your seminar by inviting other experts to speak on different topics such as interior decoration, remodeling projects and landscaping. 

Client appreciation days are a great way to get existing and potential clients together in a relaxed setting. Build your appreciation day around a special event such as a BBQ, fireworks, bonfire or community baseball game. These events allow you to connect with clients on a more personal level. 

3. Check in on and follow up with your clients. 

Make an effort to nurture personal connections with your clients. If you see their name in the news, send the article along with a handwritten note to them. If they knocked it out of the park with their Christmas light display, give them a call to acknowledge it. These small points of contact keep your name at the forefront of your client’s mind. Compliments go a long way. 

4. Send thank you cards. 

Everyone appreciates a heartfelt thank you. It’s a great personal touch that doesn’t require much time. 

After you close a deal, take a little time to send your client a handwritten note showing your appreciation for their business. Reiterate that you appreciate them choosing you to be their real estate agent. Congratulate them on their new purchase and, if possible, send a small gift. Take for example a gift card to a local establishment so they can purchase something small they may need for their new home, or a nice bottle of wine. 

5. Acknowledge holidays.

Not all of your clients will celebrate the same holidays. Pay attention to the cultural customs and beliefs your clients have, and send them a note for the holidays they celebrate. By understanding your client’s culture and beliefs, you have an opportunity to show appreciation of scheduled holidays. 

You could even send a small gift—gifts don’t have to be large to be meaningful. Choose something that says, “Hey, I’m thinking of you on this special day.” Give something that reflects the value of your relationship with your client. 

6. Send birthday wishes or congratulate them on their closing anniversary.  

People remember the little things you’ve done for them when they need a real estate agent. Small, thoughtful gestures such as sending a birthday wish or home closing anniversary card make a positive impression in people’s minds. It says you remembered them on those special days and took the time from your busy day to acknowledge them. 

Have a hard time remembering all those dates? Use a CRM. It will remind you of those special days so you can send a card or make a phone call. 

7. Offer referral incentives. 

People love incentives. When you make a good impression on a client, don’t hesitate to ask them for a referral. You could offer cash for a referral who closes with you in a specific time frame or a gift card to a local hotspot. Incentives motivate clients to send their friends and family to you instead of someone else. 

8. Conduct homeowner checkups. 

A homeowner checkup is a service you can provide to top clients. During a homeowner checkup, you provide your client with information on the local housing market after doing a simple inspection of the house, reviewing their current mortgage, and discussing their current needs and future goals. A homeowner checkup is a great way to offer value to your clients. Even if they are not in the market at the time, you are letting them know that you are there for them, ready and willing to help when the time comes. 

9. Be reliable and responsive. 

Phone calls and emails are the name of the game in real estate. A substantial part of your reputation comes from how you respond to your clients’ needs. Are you reliable with every contact or just the A-list clients? 

Happy clients will refer you to their friends and family, so be diligent about communicating in a timely fashion. Returning phone calls and emails is an easy way to establish trust and reliability. 

You don’t need to be available 24/7, but establish guidelines for when you are available and when you will return correspondence so your clients know when to expect a response. 

Knowing you’re reachable is calming for someone going through buying or selling a home. It can be a daunting process, and having someone in their corner from the beginning can make the difference between them choosing you or going with another agent. 

10. Build and share cross-industry relationships. 

Owning a home means, at some point, your clients will have upkeep and repairs. Keep a list of contractors, repair technicians and designers so you have trustworthy service providers to refer clients to. 

Nurture relationships with those service providers as well. When it’s time for their clients to buy or sell a home, they’ll have a real estate agent to refer them to – YOU!

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These 10 tips are just a handful of the many ways you leverage client loyalty strategies in real estate. If you are looking for more ways to build trust and loyalty with your clients, Sell it Like Serhant has you covered with tips on lead generation, follow up, relationship building and more. Don’t wait to learn how to elevate yourself to the top! 

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