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Clubhouse: A Survival
Guide for Real Estate

Chances are, you’ve heard some buzz around the Clubhouse App over the past year or so. But maybe you’re still not sure what it is or how to fully use it for your real estate business. Here, you’ll discover how to navigate Clubhouse, and learn some of the ways to use the platform specifically for real estate.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only chat platform that allows users to collaborate, share stories and gather ideas from people across the globe across a variety of topics. If you are a regular podcast listener, think of Clubhouse as a “LIVE” podcast, where you can interact with the host(s) and ask questions or share input.

What to do first.

Your profile on Clubhouse should be set up before you do anything else. Your profile should reflect the core elements of your personal brand! Use a profile photo that falls in line with your other branding, such as your professional headshot used on other social media platforms. Your bio here is also very important. You have plenty of room for a very robust bio, but you really want to focus on the first 125 characters. Those first few lines can be seen in the preview of your bio by other users. These first 125 characters are your “grab”, so make them count. You can also add links and phone numbers to your bio, however, they will not be “clickable.”

PRO TIP – The bio editor built into the app is not very robust. I suggest using a text editor to create and edit your bio. Then copy and paste it into the app. Feel free to express yourself through emojis as well!

Connect your Instagram and/or Twitter accounts

I have found this step to be critical. While you can now message other users in Clubhouse, gaining a following everywhere you are present on social media is important. Again, this builds your brand reputation.

Next, set your interests. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you work in or around real estate. You can find that interest in the “Hustle” category. There is also a wide array of other interests you can add if you want to go outside of the industry.

Follow people and clubs

Following people on Clubhouse is much the same as it is on other social platforms. It doesn’t require mutual acceptance, or bilateral following. That means you can be following someone without them following you back, and vice versa, otherwise known as unilateral following. Clubhouse will also suggest people for you to follow when you first sign up. However, it might be best to choose them yourself. This will help inform the algorithm when Clubhouse starts suggesting rooms for you later on.

The Magnifying Glass in the upper left-hand corner takes you to the explore tab. Here you can search for people and clubs by name or keyword. For example: Entering the keyword “real estate marketing” will show you the results (people AND clubs) from anyone who has that term in their bio. Another great reason to have a well written bio! Simply tap on the Follow button to follow that user.

NOTE – Each selected user will get a notification that you are now following them. If this is someone you would like to hear more of, you can hit the bell to be notified when they are speaking in a room.

Lastly, the STAR icon will offer you suggestions on others to follow in the same space.

PRO TIP – Clubhouse is very notification-heavy—something I am not a big fan of. Be selective about who you “ring the bell” for. You have the option for Always, Sometimes, or Never Ever. The Default is “Sometimes”. If you have several hundred followers, your phone will constantly light up with Clubhouse notifications.

Understand the navigation

The interface is pretty simple. Here is some insight into icon functionality.

clubhouse explore icon The Explore icon in the top left will take you to the search screen.

clubhouse mail icon The Mail icon is where you can invite non-users to the platform.

clubhouse calendar icon The Calendar icon will show you all of the upcoming and scheduled rooms from the interests, people and clubs you follow. You can even add a reminder to your phone’s calendar to alert you when the room is live.

clubhouse bell icon The Bell icon will show you notifications from people you follow, new followers and more.

The top right icon (of your beautiful face!) is where you go to access your profile. Then, below all the icons is the Hallway. This list of available rooms is curated for you based on the people, clubs and interests you follow. To join, simply touch the room to listen in to that conversation. Once you enter the room, you are in listen-only mode.

Know who’s available to chat


This icon can be found in the bottom left, and it will bring up a list of the people and clubs you currently follow. The small green dot next to the profile photo indicates if they are currently online. You can also see how long they have been online or idle, what room they are in, and use a hand wave emoji to say hello or “Start a Closed Room Together.” Think of a closed room as a private, voice-only chat between yourself and a selected user.

Joining your first room.

Once you are in a room, you enter as a listener only. The speakers in the room are at the top and the moderators of the room are noted with a green star. This is also called the “stage” by the moderators. Below the stage is the list of active listeners also in the same room, starting with users that are followed by the speakers. You can Leave Quietly (bottom left of every room) to exit the room or use the + button to PING any of your followers to the same room.

The icon clubhouse hand icon will “raise your hand,” pinging the moderator(s) of the room to invite you to speak or “get on stage.” Once accepted, you will have to accept the invitation to speak. Your microphone is IMMEDIATELY unmuted. It’s customary to mute your microphone upon entry. Then UNMUTE when it’s your turn to speak. Generally, the moderator will let you know when it’s your turn to speak by verbally calling on you.
Above the hand-raising icon is the paper airplane, now allowing you to privately message another user in the room. Lastly, the newest feature is the scissors icon, which will cut/save the last 30 seconds of audio if you want to refer back to what you just heard.

PRO TIP – Keep a notepad handy for two reasons: If you plan to speak, you’ll have some notes ready to contribute. If you’re a listener, you’ll be able to write down any great takeaways from the room you are in.

Starting your first room.

From your home screen, hit the big green button with the + to start a room, a small window will open with options.

1. Add your topic, this will be your opportunity to get people into your room.
2. Make sure your description of the room is on point. Use a related emoji or two in your topic description.
3. Set privacy OPEN (Public), SOCIAL (Only your followers) or CLOSED (Private).
4. Scheduling a Room is done in the calendar. It’s as simple as clicking the calendar icon in the top right corner to open the schedule of events, and then clicking again on the calendar icon with the + sign, then entering details.

How to use Clubhouse to grow your real estate business.

Build your referral network – Clubhouse offers a great opportunity for building a trusting network with agents across the country. This platform is solely audible, so you can’t post photos or videos to showcase who you are and what you do. This means you’re going to need to talk to bring value to the table. Join the rooms associated with real estate. Start in some of the smaller rooms if you’re uncomfortable speaking at first. Raise your hand and get active. By bringing value, you will build credibility and authority.

Build brand awareness – The platform is a great way to build your brand and engagement on social media, as well as learn new marketing tactics. As you spend time on the platform interacting and building your credibility and followers, you will jumpstart your algorithm. Why? Because one of the many cool things about Clubhouse is that people can check your profile to see what you’re about, and then connect to your Instagram or Twitter. The more platforms they follow you on, the more your reach across social media channels increases.

Learn how to speak in public – Speaking publicly is one of the biggest fears many professionals have; not only will you learn to overcome this fear by participating, but there are also specific rooms you can join to learn how to be a better presenter.

Gain the opportunity to level up – There are plenty of opportunities to learn from industry influencers and level up with them. When you have something of value to bring to a conversation and raise your hand, you’re putting yourself on a virtual stage with the best. Remember to have those notes handy (no pressure)!

Build an authority or an audience – What are you good at? What is your WHY? Whatever your superpower is and whatever you bring to the table, you can build authority on. Maybe it’s weekly video tips, mastering Instagram, or creating Facebook Ads. No matter, this platform gives you a voice to build upon. Start a weekly room, create a group, and when appropriate share your knowledge in other rooms when your niche comes up in conversation. You will become known for what you’re really good at! Be sure to direct your rooms and topics toward your target audience. Listening to all of these new strategies is great, but if you can’t implement them into your business, your time spent on Clubhouse could be a waste.

Ready, Set, Go!

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