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Aletha Champine’s 5 Considerations
for Real Estate Agents Just Starting Out

Real Estate is hard enough. But getting started doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Here are five fool-proof tips and considerations for new real estate agents that I wish someone would have given me when i first started out.


They say that the average person knows at least seven realtors. SEVEN. How can one stand out among the seven to gain their sphere’s trust, and eventually gain their business? 

It turns out that the answer is simple: just be yourself. Oftentimes agents spend too much time in the beginning trying to figure out what their value-add is that sets them apart, when the answer is right in from of them because it IS them. Real estate agents sell homes, but great real estate agents sell trust. And trust is best built on authenticity.

Tap into what makes you authentically YOU (the PRO Program calls this your ‘AND’) and use that to show people who you really are. Build trust through just being yourself, and the business will come. 

2. Accept that days off are a thing of the past, but you probably won’t mind. 

To become a top agent and brand, you need to accept that you will be working more than most people you know. And that means DAILY.  

As your business grows, however, you won’t even notice you have been sacrificing free time for work.  What you will notice is the sense of accomplishment that you feel when you keep crushing your goals.

3. You will disappoint some friends and family as you grow your business.

As mentioned in #2, this business comes with sacrifice, and the people close to you may not like it.  Starting a business and building a brand sometimes means missing out on events and time with friends and family. It is an adjustment for everyone, but accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself and your business is worth it.   

Communicating your goals and vision to those close to you, from the start, will go a long way. Be up front about your vision and what you are building. Odds are your friends and family will help build that dream with you through support and referrals. 

4. Systems matter, even if you have don’t yet have a client. 

Doing things haphazardly from the beginning will lead to chaos in the long run. Work on getting the systems in place to stay organized, even if you do not have any clients. 

Start with hypotheticals “If I had a listing, what would I need to do?”, and build a system around that.  Finally get your first listing? Follow that system and make note of what worked and what didn’t. Then adjust accordingly.  

This will allow for smoother growth down the road. And if you are following solid systems, there will be growth!

5. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. 

There are about 1.5 Million real estate agents in the US, and many of them are happy to share what systems and models work for them and their teams. Don’t spend valuable time trying to reinvent what is already working for so many. Instead, work on reaching out to your community and adapting the systems and models they recommend to fit your own business. Then spend the rest of your energy on building your brand (see #1) and generating leads. 

Become a PRO!

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