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With the lowest cost of living in the country, Mississippi is one of the most affordable places to buy a home. Add to that the rich history of the area and the classic Southern atmosphere, and this state is a great place to own property. If you’re thinking about starting a career in real estate in Mississippi, now is the perfect time.

Whether it’s been your goal to become a real estate agent for a while now or you’re just now considering it as a new career option, the real estate business can offer you everything you want in a career. 

So, you want to know how to get your real estate license in Mississippi? The overall licensing process and education requirements are typically pretty similar across the U.S., although some of the specifics may change, depending on your home state. Let’s take a look at the list of basic requirements you’ll need to meet to become a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of Mississippi. 

  1. Meet the prerequisites
  2. Complete 60 hours of state-approved pre-licensing education
  3. Pass the course final exam
  4. Find a sponsoring broker
  5. Apply for a Mississippi Real Estate License
  6. Pass the Mississippi Real Estate Exam

1. Meet the prerequisites. 

To become a real estate salesperson in the state of Mississippi, the Mississippi Real Estate Commission (MREC) requires all prospective real estate agents to be at least 18 years old and a resident of the state of Mississippi.

2. Complete 60 hours of state-approved pre-licensing education.  

The first step to becoming a real estate agent in the state of Mississippi is completing the 60-Hour Salesperson Pre‑Licensing Course. The pre-licensing course includes education on State and National real estate. Pre-licensing courses in Mississippi can be taken online. 

Please note that passing these education courses does not guarantee that you’ll pass your real estate exam. Take advantage of practice tests and review hours to make sure you’re fully prepared. 

3. Pass the pre-licensing course final exam. 

Once you’ve finished your real estate education courses, the next step is to pass your course final. The final exam includes 100 questions. In order to pass, you must score 70% or higher.

You may take the pre-licensing final exam as many times as you need to in order to pass. You have six months from the time you enroll in the pre-licensing course to take the final exam.

Once you’ve passed, you will receive a digital certificate of completion. You will need this in order to apply for a real estate license. 

Note that this is not the same thing as your actual license exam. Think of this final as a sort of practice exam you need to pass before you’re eligible to take the official real estate licensing exam. 

4. Select a real estate broker sponsor.

Once you have passed the test and met the above requirements, you are issued an inactive license. To get the green light to be a real estate agent in the state of Mississippi, you need to find an active real estate broker to sponsor you. Once a broker accepts your request, your license is upgraded to active, and you are free to work as a real estate agent in the state of Mississippi.

Even if the state didn’t require you to work through real estate brokerage services at first, I would still strongly recommend it to any new real estate agent. When I first started, I didn’t join a team, and I look back on that as one of my biggest mistakes. If I could give you one piece of advice on how to pick the right broker to work with, it’s this:  Make sure that the broker you’re considering matches your needs, and don’t worry about the other way around. 

Before you commit to anything, I recommend researching each brokerage you’re considering. Start with their reputation. Does this broker seem to be on solid ground with a good reputation in the state? Ask them about how much room you’ll have to grow at their brokerage. What kind of training program or further education do they offer? What is their commission structure like? Do they charge desk fees to work at the brokerage? If so, do they offer any technological advantages, such as a multiple listing service (MLS)?

Once you’ve found the right broker, your license can be updated to active status. Congratulations on earning the right to practice real estate! 

5.  Apply for a Mississippi Real Estate License.

After you find your sponsoring brokerage, your next step is to fill out and submit an application for a resident salesperson license. Complete the application and return it to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission with the application fee of $110. Make sure you answer each question to the application or your application will be returned to you. 

You’ll need to submit a background check, proof of proper identification and attach two photographs (front and profile views) with your application. Make sure signatures are notarized with seal. When your application is approved, you’ll receive a letter from the Commission. 

6. Pass the Mississippi Real Estate Exam.

Once your application has been approved, contact PSI to schedule an appointment to take the licensing exam. The licensing exam must be taken in person at a designated exam site. 

Exams are offered monthly. You may take the State portion of the exam twice within two months of your real estate license application being approved and an unlimited number of times for the National portion. The exam fee is $75.

On your exam date, you’ll need to present two forms of identification. One must be a signature-bearing, valid form of government issued identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport that has your photograph. The second ID must have your signature and preprinted legal name, like a credit card, debit card, or wholesale membership card. NO personal items are allowed at testing centers, but you may have a basic-function calculator and scratch paper.

You will have four hours to take the Mississippi Real Estate Exam. The exam is 100 questions and consists of two sections, a State portion and a National portion. You must score at least 70% on the National portion and 75% on the state portion of the exam.

You’ll be notified of your test results upon completion. If you did not pass, you’ll receive diagnostic scoring information for the National portion of the exam only and will be able to schedule a retake. You are allowed to retake the exam an unlimited number of times.

If you fail twice within two months, there’s a three-month waiting period before you can take the exam again. The $75 exam fee applies each time.

Completing these steps does not make you a Mississippi Realtor, however. This is because “Realtor” is a copyrighted term owned by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). NAR has its own list of requirements to join, and each member of NAR is bound to specific ethical standards. 


Does Mississippi have license reciprocity with other states? 

Yes. The state of Mississippi has license reciprocity with all 50 states. In order to become a licensed real estate salesperson in Mississippi, you must hold an active real estate license in another state and submit a real estate license application that includes your Certification of Licensure from another state. You do not have to take the Mississippi Real Estate Exam.

How much time does it take to get your real estate license? 

This is really a question for yourself more than it is for anyone else. How long do you want it to take? Driven students who treat their course hours like a job can complete their education within a few weeks. The longest process for them will likely be waiting on their fingerprints card. On average, most students take 3-5 months to complete everything. 

There are only two things about this that I can tell you for sure. The best time to start working toward your initial license is right now, and you have the ability to control your own pace after you start. 

Is there anything aspiring real estate professionals can do to get an advantage? 

You bet there is! In fact, I’ve partnered with the CE Shop to make sure of it. Through our partnership, we’ve created the training program that I wish I had when I first started my journey into real estate. With the Sell It Like Serhant: Pre-Licensing Accelerator, you’re getting a full state-qualifying education combined with my own sales system that my team and I use at my brokerage. 

In addition to getting all the course hours you need from our state-approved program, this package includes plenty of unique benefits. You’ll have support from state-approved expert instructors, the ebooks that you’ll need to succeed, as well as my own “Quick Start Guide”. Each helps you prepare for your state exam with the latest information and tips. 

Speaking of exam prep, this course package contains 10 progress exams, five practice exams (three state and two national) and flashcards to get you ready for test day. We’re so confident you’ll pass your exam the first time that Mississippi students even get our Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee. If you don’t pass your state exam on your first attempt, we’ll refund all your money! 

The good news doesn’t stop there, either. This course package also includes a membership to additional resources from SERHANT. to help you start achieving success from your first day in the business. Perhaps the most notable of these is my Sell It Like Serhant: Real Estate Core video course. This is a 42-video online course that teaches you the same techniques that I use with my team to generate leads, create markets, close deals, and much more. 

You already have the potential to get your license and build a successful real estate career inside you. Let us help you unlock that potential today! 

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