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There may be more than 1.2 million real estate agents in the United States alone right now, but you have something none of the rest of them have. YOU are the stand out differentiator for your real estate business, and it’s time to bring that to the forefront of your business by focusing on your real estate branding strategy. 

The most successful real estate agents have learned how to leverage the power of a personal brand to stand out from their competitors, and you can too… but there’s something you need to understand first. 

When we talk about personal branding, we’re not just talking about colors and logos. We’re talking about YOU. You are your personal brand, and this article, gives you a jumpstart on creating your own successful real estate branding strategy in three steps.

1. Find your “AND”

Your “AND” is part of your core identityーthe thing you are known for outside of the real estate world. When you are trying to stand out in a sea of real estate agents, you need to be known for something more than just real estate. 

For example, Ryan Serhant is known for media and real estate. Nile Lundgren is known for being a BRAVO TV celebrity and real estate. Talia McKinney is known for speaking and real estate. Kirsten Jordan is known for wellness, family and real estate.

There are real estate agents out there who are known for dogs and real estate, fine dining and real estate, and opera and real estate. The list could go on and on. Showing your personal side makes you memorable and helps potential clients connect with and trust you.

2. Create an action plan

Your action plan must include consistent content in order to be successful. No content = no eyeballs on you, right? You must produce regular content that’s not only posted consistently, but is consistent with your personal branding. 

Is consistency the key here? YES, yes it is. In fact, it’s so much the key that it matters less what TYPE of content you createーphotos, blog posts, videos, live streams, podcasts, articlesーand more that you’re creating and publishing somewhere consistently.

The secret to building a strong and lasting personal brand is consistency. Remember, consistency is your best friend and it will promote credibility and authenticity.

3. Choose the right branding specialists 

Once you have your action plan in place, you need to shout it from the mountaintop! Amplify your voice with a chorus of others through the power of third-party validation. How do you get other people to vouch for you, give you a shout-out, and start singing your praises? Leverage the power of your local media and community so that people are talking about you even when you’re not in the room.

Real-life brands we love

Need some inspiration when it comes to building a standout personal brand? Check out some of our favorite real-life brands: 

Ali Wise, Wise Property Group

Justin Konikow, Prime Real Estate & Prime Media

Kirsten Jordan

Ryan Serhant

Tips from Serhant Brand Strategists

Everybody loves tips from the experts. Here are some high-level pointers from Tyler Mount, Jules Kun, and Candice Morales, award-winning professional brand strategists for the Serhant PRO program.

Narrow your focus

“You don’t have to go gung-ho on every platform all at once. By narrowing your focus to just two social platforms plus your newsletter, you’ll set yourself up for SUCCESS in building your brand.” – Tyler Mount

Be consistent

“The most important thing is CONSISTENCY with all elements of your personal brand.” – Tyler Mount. It’s hard to be consistent if you’re trying to keep up with a million platforms at once while also doing everything else you need to do to generate leads. 

Post about YOU

“Time is precious, and everyone says, ‘I don’t know what to post. What should I post?’ Post about YOU first, and real estate SECOND. It doesn’t have to be sell, sell, sell in each post.” – Jules Kun

Post personalized content

“Content with people always performs better than generic, hyper designed content. Don’t be afraid to be human first.” – Jules Kun

“Chef” up your brand

“Think about your brand as a recipe with you as the chef. Your ingredients are your AND, your brand story, your values, attitude and personality, and your visual identity.” – Candice Morales

Serhant PROs get the added benefit of regular training and guidance from Tyler, Jules, Candice, and the rest of the brand strategy team. Want to work with them to dial in on a powerful personal brand? 

We have a complete system and strategy to build a personal brand called the Serhant Brand Strategy System. It’s found inside our Personal Brand course and the Serhant PRO Program, where real estate agents work side-by-side with Ryan Serhant and his brand and media experts to create unshakable brands. 

It’s time to generate leads in your sleep by learning how to wake up a brand. Every day.

Learn more about PRO.

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