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How to Get Your Real
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Are you thinking about getting your Florida real estate license? For many people, the decision to become a real estate salesperson is a BIG one. Before I started in real estate, I was living paycheck-to-paycheck, and my debit card was even declined once when I tried to buy tofu and yogurt. Fast forward to today, and I’m selling more than a billion dollars in real estate every single year. Everything changed for me when I got my real estate salesperson license, and I want you to have an equally HUGE success story. If you’re ready, here’s what you need to do.

To get your Florida real estate salesperson license:

  1. You must be at least 18
  2. Complete a 63-hour Florida Real Estate Commission-approved pre-licensing course
  3. Apply for and pass the Florida real estate salesperson examination
  4. Activate your license by one of the following methods:
    1. Complete the DBPR Sales Associate – Become Active “RE 11” form and have a sponsor broker sign, or:
    2. Have a sponsoring broker activate your sales associate license on your behalf online

Sign up for a 63-hour Florida Real Estate Commission-approved pre-licensing course

You can sign up for the 63-hour Florida pre-licensing course waitlist. The pre-licensing course is the first step towards launching your Real Estate career as an agent in Florida. Getting your real estate license is an exciting and sometimes nerve-racking decision and that is why I committed to making the process even easier for agents just starting out in real estate, I created a package deal called the New Agent Sales Accelerator. This offer gives you two essential courses – the 63-hour Florida real estate course AND my intensive Sell It Like Serhant Course – at a special price. My Sell It Like Serhant Course was designed to guide you through every aspect of the job after you get your license. I provide you with all of the exact templates, techniques, and tips that I use every day to close deals, generate leads, and secure billions of dollars in business! The course also gives you access to my members-only newsletters and private Facebook group, where you can network with other real estate agents from around the world.

Take the Florida real estate salesperson exam

Once you’ve completed the qualifying Florida real estate pre-licensing course, you have two years to apply to take the Florida real estate salesperson exam. You’ll submit an application to the Florida Division of Real Estate to receive authorization to take the exam. This process requires a certificate of completion from your approved 63-hour course, a background check (including fingerprinting), and a fee. When you’re approved, you’ll be notified that you can register for the real estate salesperson exam, which is administered through Pearson VUE. The Florida real estate salesperson exam takes about three and a half hours, though you may complete it faster than the allotted time. Follow all of the guidelines shared when you register, including to bring two forms of approved ID, such as a driver’s license and passport. The Florida real estate salesperson exam will be based on the information you learned in your 63-hour course, so if you’re confident about what you learned, you’re ready! You’ll receive an official score report immediately after the exam, and you can move on to the next step: Activating your Florida real estate license.

Activate your Florida real estate salesperson license

You are SO CLOSE to starting your new career! All you need to do now is activate your Florida real estate salesperson license. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Complete the DBPR Sales Associate – Become Active “RE 11” form. You’ll need a sponsor broker to sign the form.
  1. Have your sponsoring broker activate your license through their online account. They will be able to add you to their license.

Why do you need a “sponsoring” broker? It’s required by the state of Florida to be a real estate salesperson. Your sponsoring broker co-signs your application for licensure and provides guidance to you as a new real estate salesperson. I strongly recommend choosing someone who can act as a mentor and be accessible to you – having that support will be a huge asset to any new agent. In fact, your ideal sponsoring broker is someone who has a real estate team you can join. I had NO IDEA how hard it would be to get started alone, so learn from my mistake! To find a sponsoring broker with a team, visit open houses, browse social media profiles, and ask some friends in the industry – there are always experienced brokers in need of entry-level agents.

Now…Start Selling!

Let’s recap: You took the course. You got your license. Now it’s all up to you: How much money you want to make? How hard you want to work? How far you want to go? The sky is the limit. Remember, you’re not in this alone; My New Agent Sales Accelerator will give you all the tools you need to be a HUGE success. With this program, I’ll be there to guide you through your career, every step of the way. If you’re worried about what to do after you get your Florida real estate salesperson license, why not let ME tell you? That’s exactly what I do through the Accelerator. First, I give you all the info you need to get licensed in Florida. And then, I give you the intensive Sell It Like Serhant course so you can become a sales machine. The information and tools in my Sell It Like Serhant Course will put you five years ahead of your competitors. Can you imagine starting your real estate career five years ahead of where I was, and with all the tools in my toolkit?! You’ll be unstoppable.

Ready, Set, GO!

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