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How to Get Your Real
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Thinking of getting your Washington real estate broker license? This is a HUGE life decision, so congratulations on taking the first step toward your future! Before I got my real estate license, I was broke. My debit card was declined when I tried to buy tofu and yogurt—that broke. But today I’m selling over a billion dollars in real estate every year, and I owe it all to one decision that you’re about to make.

Are you excited about the possibilities? Then let’s get you licensed! Here’s what you’ll need to do…

How to get your Washington real estate license

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Complete 90 hours of approved real estate education within 2 years before applying for the exam. This education must include:
    • 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals
    • 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices
  4. Register for and pass the Washington real estate broker exam
  5. Find a Washington real estate broker to manage you
  6. Apply to activate your Washington real estate salesperson license

Sign up for a 90-hour real estate practices and fundamentals course

The Washington state-required course for all prospective real estate brokers includes 60 hours of real estate fundamentals training and 30 hours of real estate practices training. If you’re not sure where to begin, I’ll make it easy:

Sign up for my New Agent Sales Accelerator and get the Washington-state-required fundamentals and practices courses from Rockwell Institute PLUS get access to my #1 real estate sales course. The Sell It Like Serhant Course is my exclusive real estate training program that will guide you through every single aspect of the job as a real estate broker. It includes the exact templates, techniques, and tips that I use to close deals, create leads, and generate BILLIONS in sales. You’ll also receive members-only access to my newsletter and private Facebook group, which is the perfect places to network with other agents and refer business back and forth. If saving money matters to you, I highly recommend you go for this package deal! For a discounted price, you’ll get the courses you need now to get your license, AND the training you’ll need later to become a real estate rock star.

Take the Washington real estate exam

Once you’ve completed the qualifying Washington real estate practices and fundamentals course, you will apply to be approved for the Washington real estate broker exam. The information will be based on the course material, so if you paid attention during you 90 hours of training, you’re ready for this. Follow all instructions when you sign up—including bringing two forms of valid ID to the test center. You’ll find out if you pass or fail immediately after the test, and you’ll have one year from the date you pass to activate your license.

Find a licensed real estate broker in Washington to manage you

You passed the exam! You’re almost there. Now, you can apply for your license, but you’ll be practicing real estate under the supervision of a managing broker. The managing broker co-signs your application and provides guidance during your first year as a real estate agent. This is required by Washington in order to be licensed, but it can also make a huge difference in your first year in the business if you pick the right person. I always regretted not joining a team when I got started in real estate. I tried to do it all on my own but quickly realized just how much support a new agent needs. Trust me on this one: Find a managing broker with a team you can join.

How? Go to open houses, browse social media profiles, and ask around.

Apply for your Washington real estate license

Along with your exam results, you’ll need to complete a background check and get fingerprinted. Schedule your appointment here. Follow the instructions for both yourself and your managing broker in order to complete the application. Once you’re approved, you’re ready to start selling!

Do. Not. Quit. My new agent sales accelerator has everything you need.

When I started out as a broker, I was completely alone. I didn’t have a team, a mentor, or half a clue what to do. I figured it all out the hard way, and there were many times along the way that I almost quit. But, I can’t stress this enough: Don’t go in blind. Don’t do it the way I did. My best advice to you is to take all the help you can get! With my New Agent Sales Accelerator package, you’ll get:

-The Washington State 90-hour required real estate training course

-My Sell It Like Serhant course, my personal blueprint to real estate success, with the exact tools and templates I use on a daily basis

I created the New Agent Sales Accelerator to give new agents everything they need to get their Washington real estate broker license AND to kick start a successful real estate sales career. I would have done anything to have someone offer me the information I’m offering you in this package. Since I can’t go back in time to help myself, I made this course for everyone else. The Sell It Like Serhant Course will easily put you five years ahead of your competitors. Just think, you can be five years ahead of where I was when I started.

All that’s left to do now is TAKE ACTION

Ready, Set, GO!


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  • Ryan Serhant is a founder, entrepreneur, producer, public speaker, bestselling author, star of multiple TV shows, and Chief Executive Officer of SERHANT., the rapidly growing tech-forward real estate organization comprised of two core businesses: brokerage and education. Founded in 2020, SERHANT. is a content-to-commerce technology ecosystem revolutionizing the sales industry. SERHANT. is home to the first ever full-service, award-winning, in-house film studio solely dedicated to real estate content, and its digital education platform is comprised of more than 14,000 members across 110 countries.