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Effective Time
Management (The 1000
Minute Rule)

Effective Time Managment: The 1000 Minute Rule

There are 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, and 1440 minutes every day to get things done.

Technically you’ll have to sleep too (how much is up to you). But you still have 1000 minutes every single day that you’re alive to make it happen.

That’s what this blog is here for. We’re going to talk about how to get through your failures using the benefit of time. I’m going to share with you some tips to use these 1000 minutes to their fullest extent to get the most out of your day, and find the most success that you can. I’m going to give you 5 tips for effective time management and getting the most out of yourself.

Let’s get started:

Tips for Effective Time Management & Using Your 1000 Minutes

Tip #1: Time Management

Every single person reading this article has one thing in common – time is our number one asset. We have 24 hours in a day, and how we manage this time is what makes or breaks our success. So what are we supposed to do with those 1000 minutes we have every day to be productive?

It starts with time management. Know what you have to get done and schedule and structure your days to make sure it gets done. Effective time management means finding a structure that works for you and committing to it. It means planning your days in a way that motivates you and keeps you working towards your goals.

Tip #2: Maximize Extra Time

You aren’t always going to manage time effectively. You will sometimes find yourself wasting time, or other people will waste your time. Procrastination is real and nobody is perfect. But what you can do is try to earn this wasted time back.

Set aside periods to be especially productive, or when you finish something faster than you expect, use that time to get something else done! Even if it’s just because the traffic was lighter than usual and you got an extra ten minutes, use those ten minutes! There are many times throughout your day where you will get these opportunities for extra personal productivity, and you need to grab them.

Tip #3: Audit Your Day

In order to get a real idea of how you spend your time and where the opportunities for extra productivity lie, you need to sit down and account for your time. You can audit your day and make a list of what you do in a typical day, and where you could focus your activities for extra productivity. From there, you can take hold of your 1000 minutes and make them work for you.

Auditing your day gives you a look at your day in a big picture sort of way. Sometimes you need to step back and look at things as a whole to see where improvements can be found. This is a way of getting that big picture look at things, so stop with the stress and procrastination and start improving your life.

Tip #4: Plan Ahead

Here’s a tip to make sure you never run out of things to do and ways to be productive: plan ahead! If you are struggling to find a way to be productive right now, make a list of goals and put in place a plan to achieve those goals. Productivity is always increased when you are following a plan, and plans don’t get put in place until you make them. Having a task list will also keep your motivation high, and will give you an extra reward of satisfaction when you fulfill those goals.

So start to invest in your future self by planning ahead for effective time management.

Tip #5: Time is Your Currency

Time is your currency. Every day you have 1000 minutes of time and every day you have the opportunity to do something with it. Your “bank account” of time refills every single day. This is an opportunity, and it is a powerful renewable resource. But at the same time, it is also why people waste so much of their time. They know they can always do it tomorrow. But then tomorrow rolls around and they think the same thing again. Tomorrow, every day becomes all about tomorrow.

You need to start doing it today. If you are constantly thinking you that will use your time productively in the future, then you are always in a present where it doesn’t get done. Don’t wait for tomorrow anymore, see every day as valuable and every 1000 minutes you don’t use to further your life as time you have wasted, because that’s what it is.

We are all rich with time. You are the CEO of your own bank of time every single day. If you adjust your mindset to reflect this, you will find that motivation at the start of every single day. It may seem unlimited, but you know it’s not, one day it will run out. But for now, if you spend that time wisely and get things done to prepare yourself for tomorrow and for a better future you, you will find that your time is never wasted.


How you use your time is ultimately your decision alone. We all have our 1000 minutes each day to be productive, but no one can force you to use yours in a certain way.

My suggestion is to set some goals for yourself, and find a way to make these goals a reality. Find a way to hone effective time management skills and set a routine so that your 1000 minutes is spent furthering your goals and furthering yourself every day. Sure, it is overwhelming at first, and you won’t get it perfect all the time. But if you are trying to further yourself, and you put in that effort every day, then eventually something will click, and then you’ll see a whole lot of other things start to click too.

It’s a process, and it’s hard work, but you have 1000 minutes every day to spend on this process, so might as well get started right now.

– Ryan


  • Ryan Serhant is a founder, entrepreneur, producer, public speaker, bestselling author, star of multiple TV shows, and Chief Executive Officer of SERHANT., the rapidly growing tech-forward real estate organization comprised of two core businesses: brokerage and education. Founded in 2020, SERHANT. is a content-to-commerce technology ecosystem revolutionizing the sales industry. SERHANT. is home to the first ever full-service, award-winning, in-house film studio solely dedicated to real estate content, and its digital education platform is comprised of more than 14,000 members across 110 countries.