This Is How I Took My Career to Stratospheric New Heights

This Is How I Took My Career to Stratospheric New Heights

I set foot in New York City with absolutely no money or clue about my future. I knew I was going to be successful, but I didn’t know how so I started with myself; I focused on building out a personal brand that would open doors and lead me to bigger opportunities and more success. I think it’s safe to say it has.

The Tip Everyone Is Talking About

One of the three tenets of my branding system— known as “shout it from the mountaintops”—is getting a lot of attention (For good reason). This is the tip that takes you from a rental agent to a luxury sales agent; A used-car dealer to a dealership owner; An amateur blogger to a multi-million-dollar influencer. Shouting your success from the mountaintops is a layered concept with many parts, so what I’m about to tell you in no way encompasses all of it. To summarize a lot, it’s about amplifying your messaging, raising your profile, and boosting your credibility. It’s about branding yourself as a trusted, respected expert within your community and beyond. Here’s how it’s done…

Why You Need to Shout It From the Mountaintops

Let’s use plastic surgeons as an example. There are probably tens of thousands of plastic surgeons in Los Angeles alone, and Dr. A might be a really, really good one. He might even be the best one—but he hasn’t shouted it from the mountaintops, so no one outside of his practice knows it. Meanwhile, Dr. B has less experience, but he’s put the time and effort into personal branding. He takes time between patients to provide expert quotes to journalists working on online articles, and reporters producing local TV segments. He regularly attends and speaks at medical conferences. He partners with trusted surgical consultants and influencers to promote his work on their social media pages. He writes content regularly on his blog and posts great before and after shots on his Instagram page. He encourages patients to leave him positive reviews by putting a link to his Yelp page in his email signature. All of this is shouting it from the mountaintops.

As a result, Dr. B’s blog posts come up whenever someone searches for a local surgeon or specific procedure. Clips of his speeches are uploaded to YouTube by conference organizers and attendees, and they’re gaining traction online. His peers recognize his name and refer patients to him when they get a request for something he specializes in. Potential clients Bookmark and Like his before-and-after photos, and share them with friends. New leads find him when they search on Yelp, and choose him over Dr. A when they see his active page with many happy clients vouching for his expertise.

That’s the power of shouting it from the mountaintops! No matter how good you may be at your job, you cannot grow in your field if your work takes place in a silo. Remember my old tagline, “Expansion: Always, in all ways”? That’s what this is about.

How to Get Started

Here’s a cheat sheet with some ideas to boost your credibility and visibility in your field:

·  Find a local brand to partner up with on a community event. Do it for free.

·  Start flexing your knowledge by providing expert commentary to local papers and blogs.

·  Offer to speak at an alumni event at your alma mater or on a friend’s podcast.

·  Host an open mic night where high-net-worth potential clients pay $7 for a fancy latte.

·  Send your clients personalized closing gifts that they can’t help but post and tag you in.

·  Cross-promote content with someone who covers an adjacent market or business area.

Shouting it from the mountaintops will result in stratospheric growth in your career. Remember: Don’t sit back and rest on your laurels, or expect people to magically find you; Be out there, everywhere, and make your reputation so trusted and credible that you become the #1 name people think of in your community. It’s possible. I did it. And you can, too.

Want to learn more? Go check out my full personal branding course here .