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Feat: The 3 Most Important Attributes To Success


A lot of people think success is money. But, there’s also a lot of rich people who are not successful. When someone asks me how I define success, I never say it’s how much is in your bank account.

To me, success is achieving goals.

Even if your goal is to create a morning routine, if you wake up at 5 am tomorrow and get your day going… Well, guess what? That’s success. A successful person is someone who consistently and persistently achieves the goals they’ve set for themselves.


Think about how many people set a New Year’s Resolution EVERY YEAR. How many people say they’re going to do something, and they don’t do it. How many people say they’re going to lose weight and they don’t. Quit that job they hate, and they chicken out. Quit something, but they do it anyway?


Being “successful” is someone who can keep their own word. This doesn’t mean doing something for one day. It’s doing it over and over and over again — consistently and persistently.


  • Endurance:

Too many people are short term thinkers and short term workers. True success takes time and comes with many hardships, failures, and sacrifices. You must have endurance to be successful.

  • Positivity:

It could always be worse. You could be paralyzed, starving, or even worse, dead. To be successful, you must remain positive. You are alive in the best time in the world to be living! THAT’S AWESOME! Imagine not having electricity???

  • Initiative:

This the biggest one. If someone says they’ll follow up with you, you follow up with them first. Take matters into your own capable hands. Success doesn’t come to you, you take it — take initiative everyday.


The two biggest mistakes I see people make are: 1) not setting goals and, 2) not tracking their goals.

In order to be successful, you need to have a clear action plan to achieve your goals. Step by step. A goal means NOTHING if you don’t have action items that tell you EVERYDAY how to get there.

Make your goal an equation. Break it down.


For example, I even create action items with my wife, Emilia. Here are a few things I do to make sure our relationship is successful:

  1. Saturday is our day. When something comes up, I run it by her first.
  2. I bcc her on big things to keep her in the loop. Communication is key.
  3. I make sure we go on 1-2 dates/week.
  4. At night, I do my best to put my phone… until she looks away.


You have to both penalize and reward yourself.

For example, if you don’t do that thing you promised you would, then you’re not allowed to do that thing you really like. Say, everything bagels. Let’ say you set a goal to wake up at 5am but you snoozed instead. Well, guess what? No everything bagels for a week!

Set rewards too. For example, buying a suit after every deal you close.

Vision Boards are great, too. Print out pictures of people you want to be like or of the things you want. Look at it every morning and before you go to bed. Drake did this with the house he wanted. And, guess what? He just bought that house.


Find someone else who as hungry as you are. Get each other excited about your goals and keep each other accountable. It needs to be someone you feel comfortable enough with to talk about your goals and the things you want in life. Make it a competition and check in regularly.

Make it a game.


My biggest fear is not hitting my potential every single day. It scares me to possibly leave something on the table the day I die. A lot of people get nervous that they’re leaving money on the table, but I get nervous that I’m leaving something of myself on the table that I didn’t squeeze out.

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  • Ryan Serhant is a founder, entrepreneur, producer, public speaker, bestselling author, star of multiple TV shows, and Chief Executive Officer of SERHANT., the rapidly growing tech-forward real estate organization comprised of two core businesses: brokerage and education. Founded in 2020, SERHANT. is a content-to-commerce technology ecosystem revolutionizing the sales industry. SERHANT. is home to the first ever full-service, award-winning, in-house film studio solely dedicated to real estate content, and its digital education platform is comprised of more than 14,000 members across 110 countries.