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Work-Life Balance –
The 4 Rules I Live By

Work-Life Balance Rules from Ryan Serhant

If you’ve read any of my books or watched any of my vlogs, you know I love to talk about work-life balance. Knowing how to create a healthy work-life balance is essential if you choose a career like real estate, which involves early mornings, night and weekend commitments, and 24/7 hustle. There are only 24 hours in a day, and if we subtract eight hours for sleep (ha!), that leaves us only 1,000 usable minutes! How do I balance my work, my family life, my friends, and my hobbies into such a small timeframe? I organize my day meticulously. Here are the four work-life balance rules that allow me to do it all.

1. Work-Life Balance Rule: Morning Workouts Are Nonnegotiable.

If I skip my workout, I don’t feel like me. I need my morning run around New York City to get my mind and body focused and ready for the day ahead. So, instead of waiting to see if or when I can fit in a workout, I made my workout the very first thing I do every day. It might mean setting the alarm for an hour earlier than you usually do. Maybe it means paying a bit more for the gym that’s closer to your home or office. It might take a transition period of cursing yourself for waking up so early and dreading the sound of the alarm. But in the end, it means this: I get my workout in, no matter what. And because I know I need this to perform at my best, I prioritize it.

2. Work-Life Balance Rule: I Keep Emilia Posted on My Workday.

I don’t want to come home from a long workday and have that cliché, “So, how was your day, honey?” conversation. Nothing is a bigger waste of time than that! Instead, I keep Emilia posted on what’s going on throughout the day by adding her to my calendar invites and BCCing her on emails. This way, she’s up to speed on the important stuff that happened in my day, and she knows when I’m stuck filming or showing houses and can’t call her back yet. This frees us up to use our time at the end of the day for more meaningful conversation.


3. Work-Life Balance Rule: I Audit My Time Each Day.

The more you have on your plate, the more crucial it becomes to audit your time. Keep track of how much time you’re spending in every facet of your life, and look for places you need to adjust. If you need to go watch a play at your kid’s school for two hours on a Wednesday, “borrow” that time from your weekend block that you reserve for family. If you stay two hours late at work on Friday night and can’t be home for dinner, have someone else handle your open house for Saturday so you can be home for brunch. Learning how to balance work and life obligations by shifting your time as needed each week is crucial.

4. Work-Life Balance Rule: I Invest In Things That Save Me Time.

I have a driver, Yuriy. You probably know him. What you don’t know is that I started using Yuriy well before I probably had enough money to. Why did I take that risk? Because it saved me time. It was an investment in my future that allowed me to be more productive, see more clients, and make more money. Don’t be afraid to pay for something “extra” if you know that it will help get you to the next level of success.

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  • Ryan Serhant is a founder, entrepreneur, producer, public speaker, bestselling author, star of multiple TV shows, and Chief Executive Officer of SERHANT., the rapidly growing tech-forward real estate organization comprised of two core businesses: brokerage and education. Founded in 2020, SERHANT. is a content-to-commerce technology ecosystem revolutionizing the sales industry. SERHANT. is home to the first ever full-service, award-winning, in-house film studio solely dedicated to real estate content, and its digital education platform is comprised of more than 14,000 members across 110 countries.