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You're only going to see this page once (ever), so please read every word carefully. In this Low Inventory Market, agents all around the world are using my 90-page, eight-part Real Estate Business Builder to structure their business the Serhant Way.
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Sell It Like Serhant | Real Estate Business Builder
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There’s No Magic Pill To Grow a Successful Real Estate Business.

It doesn’t require a marketing degree or technical expertise. But it does require a strong understanding of how to analyze your competition, set your sales goals, calculate your lead generation targets, build your brand, and how to put all of that into action. That’s where my business builder comes into play.

  • It's an eight-part, 90-page digital roadmap you can use RIGHT NOW to grow your real estate business
  • You will analyze your competition, set your sales goals, calculate your lead generation targets, build your brand, and then put it all into action with my action manual
  • It's a fully customizable, fill-in-the-blanks approach to mapping out your entire plan for the year!
Book Preview
Let's take a closer look at what you're getting inside the Real Estate Business Builder...
  • Part 1
    Know Yourself

    As a real estate agent and entrepreneur, you are your business. You have to understand yourself before we can build your business together.

  • Part 2
    Understand Your Market

    Every market is different. While no sales and marketing strategy can apply universally to every market, the process of planning is the same. Here, we’ll work through your market stats and analyze your competition.

  • Part 3
    Set Your Sales Goals

    We’ll work together through the math to back into a sales goal based on your annual income goal.

  • Part 4
    Set Your Performance Indicators

    Sales and marketing are much an art as they are a science, and the best real estate agents always know their lead generation targets. We’ll go through the process of building your entire sales funnel together.

  • Part 5
    Plan Your Brand

    Before going further into specific marketing strategies for generating and converting leads, you need to do a brand audit.

  • Part 6
    Plan Your Lead Generation Strategy

    We’ll dive into the market segments you identified in Part 2 and strategize on the specific tools you’ll use to generate the lead volume you planned build a plan to target those segments.

  • Part 7
    Set Specific Tactics and Goals

    We’ll build on the strategy we plan in Part 6 to set tactics and specific lead generation goals for each tool.

  • Part 8

    In this final part, we’ll consolidate everything we planned together and put it into action. We will build a roadmap with accountability timelines.