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Earn your state-required pre-licensing education while learning to SELL with the country’s top real estate salesperson, Ryan Serhant.
75 Hours of State-Approved Coursework

We've partnered with the best pre-licensing program in North Carolina to help YOU pass your state exam the first time.

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Learn the Serhant Sales System with Ryan Serhant through our 42-chapter video course to generate more leads, close more deals, and make more money.

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All 75 hours of NC state-approved pre-licensing coursework from The CE Shop.

  • Section 1: North Carolina 75-hour Broker Course Orientation
  • Section 2: Basic Real Estate Concepts
  • Section 3: Concepts of Property Ownership
  • Section 4: Property Taxation in North Carolina
  • Section 5: Transfer of Title to Real Property
  • Section 6: Land Use Controls in North Carolina
  • Section 7: Environmental Issues in North Carolina
  • Section 8: Law of Agency in North Carolina
  • Section 9: Brokerage Relationships in Practice in North Carolina
  • Section 10: Working with Sellers in North Carolina
  • Section 11: Working with Buyers in North Carolina
  • Section 12: Basic Contract Law Concepts
  • Section 13: North Carolina Sales Contracts
  • Section 14: Working with North Carolina Sales Contracts
  • Section 15: Sales Contracts That Attorneys Should Prepare
  • Section 16: Real Estate Financing: Mortgage Loans
  • Section 17: Real Estate Financing: Mortgage Markets
  • Section 18: Residential Lending Practices and Regulations
  • Section 19: Pre-Closing Procedures in North Carolina
  • Section 20: Closing Procedures in North Carolina
  • Section 21: Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
  • Section 22: The Settlement Statement
  • Section 23: Basic Valuation Concepts
  • Section 24: Valuation Process and Approaches
  • Section 25: BPOs and CMAs in North Carolina
  • Section 26: Property Insurance Basics
  • Section 27: Landlords and Tenants in North Carolina
  • Section 28: Residential Property Management
  • Section 29: Fair Housing in North Carolina
  • Section 30: Federal Income Taxation of Home Ownership
  • Section 31: Basic Construction
  • Section 32: Basic Real Estate Investment
  • Section 33: North Carolina License Law
  • Section 34: North Carolina Rules Regarding Brokerages
  • Section 35: Handling Trust Funds in North Carolina
  • Section 36: North Carolina Time Share Act
  • Section 37: Agent Safety Guidelines
  • Section 38: North Carolina Real Estate Calculations Practice
  • Section 39: North Carolina 75-hour Broker Course Wrap-up


Part 1: Building an Unbreakable Foundation
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Getting your first clients (and turning those into referrals!)
  • Training your brain to fire “Yes, and!”
  • Structuring your day
  • Building your personal brand
  • Qualifying clients
  • Becoming an information machine
  • Setting your income goals

Part 2: The Wow Moment and Five Other Serhant Secrets
  • The Box
  • The Wow Moment
  • The Flip
  • The Good News Sandwich -#5: Push, Pull, Persist
  • Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Part 3: Putting Everything Into Practice
  • Effectively working with sellers
  • Effectively working with buyers
  • Ryan’s $16.5 million sales pitch
  • The Serhant Way to host an open house
  • Mastermind a private showing on the sell side
  • Mastermind a private showing on the buy side
  • The Serhant Way to negotiate deals

Get one month of free access to the #1 agent community and unlock our library of resources built for your success.

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  • We've partnered with the #1 pre-licensing course in North Carolina, The CE Shop
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  • 96% student satisfaction rate
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Ryan Serhant

Founder & CEO of SERHANT.

Ryan Serhant is one of the most successful and the most-followed real estate brand in the world. After a decade leading the group that became New York City’s # 1-ranked residential real estate sales team, he founded SERHANT., the first multi-faceted brokerage build on the power of media. Ryan is on a mission to revolutionize and modernize the real estate industry, to give back and share his formula for success to enable and motivate others.

Here’s what they’re saying about our Pre-Licensing Sales Accelerator

I can't believe the value I'm getting from this for what I'm paying. I'm sure many of us in here have college or university degrees, and I can only speak for myself, but I feel like I have more to take with me from The Course than I do from any paper already hanging on my wall. Things are a little different in Canada, but the hustle and grind is the same anywhere you go.

Sean McRae eXp Realty, Brokerage - Ottawa, CA

I learned about Ryan Serhant through my son and started watching MDLNY a few years ago and was hooked! I am so grateful for Ryan, this community, and this course. Ryan's course is by far an incredible value. I have gleaned so much from it - it is a great nuts and bolts approach - real practical hands on - this is how you approach, overcome, tackle, and succeed. Thank you Ryan for sharing your gifts and talents!

Judy Sylvia The Sylvia Advantage Team at RE/Max - Cape Coral, FL

Wrapped up the course last night and already used the knowledge to wrap up a deal at 1.8 million in which we have been going back and forth for past 8 weeks.

Jorge Sariego The Sariego Team at Nest Seekers International - Riverside, CT

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The Washington, DC and North Carolina courses have specific, state-mandated access dates. Washington, DC pre-licensing must be completed within three months from the date of purchase and North Carolina pre-licensing must be completed within 180 days from the date of purchase. These timeframes are governed by local laws.

For further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call 646-604-4660.

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The CE Shop offers industry-leading pre-licensing curriculum written by experts. They boast a 90% National pass rate, a proven exam prep program with pass guarantee, and extended customer service 7 days a week. Bundled with Sell It Like Serhant, you get the BEST in pre-licensing education plus the BEST sales training available. You'll leave the Pre-Licensing Sales Accelerator licensed and ready to SELL.