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Join the #1 Real Estate Pre-Licensing Accelerator Program in the Country
Join the #1 Real Estate
Pre-Licensing Accelerator Program in the Country
Become A Licensed Real Estate Agent In New York AND Accelerate
Your Career With The Proven Serhant Sales System
Limitless livelihood for all
Accelerate your sales career with the only pre-licensing program where you’ll simultaneously get your license and learn what it takes to sell in the most competitive markets.
  • New York Pre-Licensing Education & Exam Prep
    Your ticket to real estate license exam success. We’ve partnered with the best state-required pre-licensing program in New York to help ensure you pass your state test the first time.
  • Sell It Like Serhant: Real Estate Core
    Learn the entire Serhant Sales System with Ryan Serhant through our proprietary 42-chapter video course. Discover all the industry insights on how to generate leads, build your brand, and develop long-lasting client relationships. With our Real Estate Core, you’ll be set generating LEADS to feed your emerging sales business from day one.
  • Sell It Like Serhant: Membership
    Unlock an entire suite of resources, tools, live webinars, and Q&As with Ryan Serhant. Put yourself among like-minded salespeople all committed to growing their careers to earn their limitless livelihood.
Our program is closing the gap between
aspiring agents and successful careers
Serhant Pre-Licensing
Sales Accelerator

Sales is the greatest career in the world. There’s no ceiling and unlimited potential to earn your limitless livelihood.

But, did you know 80% of real estate agents struggle after their first year due to lack of deal flow?

We’re solving that by being the first and only pre-licensing program to combine state-required licensing education with proven sales training.

Learn exactly how to structure your day, what to do to get leads, strategies for turning those leads into clients, and then frameworks to negotiate and close any deal that comes your way.

Through our program, you’ll be set for sales success from Day 1.

Fast track your real estate career, following the proven path of least resistance, brimming with confidence like you’re the go-to agent in your market before you even close your first deal.

Students Who Have Gone Through Our
Pre-Licensing Accelerator Program
Have Launched Careers At These Brokerages...
Your Pre-Licensing Bundle Includes:
Real Estate Express
1) New York real estate pre-licensing course

State-Required 75-Hour NY Licensing Course

95% Pass Rate; Highest In The State

Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

Help To Obtain A Sponsoring Broker

The NYREI Guarantee: We are 100% confident in the effectiveness of our program, so if you do not pass the Department of State exam the first time, we will allow you to retake the course at no additional charge.

Sell It Like Serhant
2) Real estate core

With our real estate sales course, join the 7,000+ agents in over 108 countries who have learned what it takes to generate leads consistently, closing deals with anyone for any price point.

Through 42 video chapters, 5.5 hours, and worksheets, templates, and guides, you’ll learn Ryan Serhant’s entire system for how he went from selling cheap rental apartments in the least desirable neighborhoods in NYC to closing over $1 billion in real estate transactions every year.

Skip the costly mistakes many new agents make. Accelerate your career by years by having the Serhant Sales System at your fingertips.

Refer back to it any time, resting assured you’ll always have a guide & mentor as you navigate your new career.

Watch this to learn more about the SLS System...
Part 1
Building an unbreakable foundation.
With this foundation, you’ll be attracting high-quality leads organically and consistently.
  • Learn my entire blueprint for sales success, including exactly how to structure your day, my techniques for following up with every single client (even the ones you lost so you get them back!), and the simple, easy-to-learn methods from improve comedy that will help you carry any conversation.
  • Discover how to use the power of social and traditional media (including how to get featured in publications!) to become known for selling what YOU want to be known for selling.
  • Become the MASTER of follow-up. No one follows up like me. If you take away just one skill from the entire course, make it follow-up.
  • Embody the reservoir of information will set you apart in this business. Discover how to find information and use it to get more clients and close more deals.
  • Practice three 60-second exercises, including The Question Game, to build your improv muscle and be ready with a response no matter which question your lead throws at you. Also discover your sales mantra and complete the Follow-Up Challenge with me.
  • Peek into a real 24-hour period in my calendar so I can show you how my Finder-Keeper-Doer system unlocks more milage in every single day
Part 2
Learn the six serhant secrets to closing any deal
  • Discover what’s in the box I send to every perspective client, and learn how to create your own.
  • Uncover The Wow Moment technique to help a client become more comfortable with a higher price point.
  • You will face the same objections time and again in your career: Price, location, size, condition and views. Learn to flip any objection into a positive to close deals faster.
  • The best salespeople deliver bad news in a positive way. See how I deliver news to my clients and how you can use the same techniques to manage tense situations.
  • Learn how I leverage my Push-Pull-Persist technique to get clients off the fence and close more deals.
  • FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL: Master creating compelling, memorable narratives that drive traffic and sales.
Part 3
Now, put everything into practice as we walk through real sales scenarios, including my sales pitch to land the listing for a $16.5 million townhouse.
  • Learn how to control your personal income by controlling your inventory. Working with sellers is the best way to grow your real estate sales business.
  • Come with me into a real pitch for a $16.5 million townhouse and watch how I overcome objection after objection to win the listing.
  • Learn my TWO types of open houses and how I prepare for each to have maximum impact on the traffic coming through.
  • People don't like being sold, but they love shopping with friends. You’ll see how turning strangers into friends from the first qualification meeting is your secret to getting more clients.
  • Buyers are great! They’re people who have money to spend, and they want to spend it with you. See me guide a buyer through a showing and close with clear next steps.
  • THE SERHANT WAY TO NEGOTIATE A DEAL. Learn how I use price, pressure, and persistence to close a $500,000 gap (and you can use the same strategy no matter your price point).
You’ll also receive
6 awesome bonuses worth over $627
7 Serhant Secrets To Lead Generation
7 Serhant Secrets To Lead Generation
My favorite methods of finding new leads without making a single cold call. Learn how to how to find your dream clients who are happy to pay you top dollar. PLUS, get my easy way to stay connected with clients without being salesy or annoying.
Sell it like serhant: the course audio version
Sell it like serhant: the course audio version
Listen to the course on the go! I know real estate agents are bouncing between appointments all day, every day. Listen in the car or between showings.
Serhant brand action plan
Serhant brand action plan
Learn how to uncover your own unique traits that will help you stand out and get to the next level. This guide will help you build a brand that cuts through the noise and attracts your dream clients. Follow this and position yourself to start getting luxury listings (even if you’ve never sold them before).
7 Serhant secrets to lead generation
7 Serhant secrets to lead generation
My favorite methods of finding new leads without making a single cold call. Learn how to how to find your dream clients who are happy to pay you top dollar. PLUS, get my easy way to stay connected with clients without being salesy or annoying.
Serhant crm template
Serhant crm template
Never let a lead fall through the cracks again. Complete my CRM template any time you meet any new lead. Then, use the list to always be following up, following through, and following back with everyone.
The serhant buyers guide
The serhant buyers guide
Every buyer – especially those new to the process – can get confused and lost in the real estate sales process (that’s where you come in!). Get access to the actual Buyers Guide I review with every client before we go out to see homes.
Plus... you're getting a free month
of access to our exclusive...
3) Membership
(One Month Free, Then Just $9.99/mo, Cancel Any Time)
Here’s Everything You’ll Get With Your Monthly Membership:
1. Private, Insiders Only Facebook Group
Access to the Member Community on Facebook where you can build and expand your network of like-minded agents and salespeople all over the WORLD. Share referrals, ask questions, contribute ideas, and discover new strategies.
2. Live Q&A with ME Every Month
This is your chance to get live facetime with ME so you can chat about real estate, ask questions about sales, get my advice on a deal, hear personalized feedback on a strategy, and more. You also get the same training I give each month at my team staff meetings.
3. Sales & Marketing Email Templates
Get the 25 plug-and-play sales and marketing email templates my entire team relies on EVERY DAY to follow up with clients, present offers, close deals, and so much more.
4. Agent Brand Marketing Templates
Download the same marketing templates my team uses for marketing postcards, showsheets, and showbooks. Just change the colors to your branding, swap out the listing photos and text, and you’ll have professionally-designed marketing collateral to set you above your competition.
5. Member-Exclusive Monthly Email
Get my expert insight and analysis on the latest real estate news and trends. Plus, get access to case studies of recently-completed multi-million dollar deals so YOU can use them and learn from them in real time.
6. Luke's Corner
Want an expert’s eyeballs on your videos? Luke Martin, our in-house producer and former agency producer for Bravo, provides personal feedback on YOUR real estate marketing videos.
Bonus! Guides, Downloads & Resources
Bonus! Guides, Downloads &
Bonus! Guides, Downloads & Resources
  • Serhant Team Agent Training Guide: This is the actual guide I give new agents the first day they join my team. Learn what they learn to CRUSH IT starting Day 1, no matter what market you’re in
  • The Closing Guide: The ONLY guide you need to negotiate like the #1 team in the most competitive real estate market.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Landing For Sale By Owner Listings
  • The Serhant Team Comp Excel Template: The very Excel template we use to quickly compare comps
  • Social Media Playbook: Your 12-step guide on how to generate leads on Instagram
  • Seven Serhant Secrets to Generate Leads: Your job is not to be a salesperson – it is to generate leads. That is your only job
  • The 2021 Bucket List Challenge: 1 year, 20 items. Ready, Set, GO!
So If You're Ready To Fast Track Your Real Estate Career,
Following A Proven Path Of Least Resistance,
Then The SLS Pre-Licensing Program Is Exactly For YOU.
Here’s a recap of what you’re getting:
1) State Approved Pre-Licensing Course:
  • State Approved Instructor Support
  • 3 Real Estate eBooks
  • Exam Preparation
  • Prep For Success Basic Membership
2) SLS Sales System
  • SLS Proprietary Sales Training plus 6 bonuses:
  • 7 Serhant Secrets To Lead Generation
  • Sell It Like Serhant: The Course Audio Version
  • ​Serhant Brand Action Plan
  • ​9 Worksheets And Templates
  • Serhant CRM Template
  • ​The Serhant Buyers Guide
3) Free Month Access to Membership
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live Q&A with Ryan Every Month
  • ​25 Sales and Marketing Email Templates
  • ​Fully-Customizable Agent Brand Marketing Templates
  • Monthly Insiders Newsletter
  • ​Feedback On Your Marketing Videos from My Social Media Team
  • ​Bonus Guides And Resources
ONLY: $647
Ryan Serhant
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I enroll in the two courses separately?

Yes, you may enroll in them separately, but enrolling in them separately costs $994 combined (nearly $350 more!). Through our partnership with NYREI, we’re able to offer the courses together for just $647.

Is there an option for in-person classes?

We do not offer in-person classes at this time. Through the Sell It Like Serhant membership, you can get real-time help and feedback from me, The Serhant Team agents, and fellow members as you earn your license and master my entire sales system.

$647 is too expensive!

I’ve never regretted investing in myself. Why? I’m always asking 80-year-old Ryan the decision he would make now, in hindsight. The answer is always the same: Invest now. Do the work now. Sell more now. When I’m 80, I can look back and say I gave myself the best life I could for myself and for my family. That’s it. For just $647, you’ll take your state-required pre-licensing course AND you’ll get everything I know to help you sell more, make more, and life a better lifestyle. For 80-year-old you. There’s no better investment when you’re getting your real estate license than learning to sell at the same time.

Is the New York State licensing exam conducted online?

The New York State licensing exam must be completed in person at a designated New York State testing center. Please read more about the exam here on New York State’s website.

Does NYREI guarantee passing the New York State real estate licensing exam?

Does NYREI guarantee passing the New York State real estate licensing exam? Yes, all NYREI students have the NYREI Guarantee: We are 100% confident in the effectiveness of our program, so if you do not pass the Department of State exam the first time, we will allow you to retake the course at no additional charge. NYREI has a 95% pass rate, which is the highest in New York State.

Does the Pre-Licensing Sales Accelerator program include job placement assistance?

Yes, the New York Real Estate Institute offers lifetime job placement assistance.

Can I obtain my license in a state other than New York through the New Agent Sales Accelerator program?

The Sell It Like Serhant New Agent Sales Accelerator program is coming to your state soon! At this time, the program is only available in New York.

I am licensed to sell real estate in a different state. Do I need to take the NYREI course to be able to sell in New York?

New York State licensing reciprocity varies from state to state. Please check with the New York State Division of Licensing Services, this list provided by New York State, and/or your state’s real estate licensing authority.

Does this course qualify me to sell real estate in New York City?

Does this course qualify me to sell real estate in New York City? Yes, the NYREI course is the required pre-licensing course for all of New York State, including New York City. I took my required licensing course with NYREI and started selling shortly after passing my exam and joining a brokerage! In addition to completing the required pre-licensing course, you must fulfill the other New York State licensing requirements.

Are foreign citizens able to obtain their real estate salesperson or brokerage license in New York State?

In New York State, a foreign citizen who is not a permanent resident may become a licensed real estate salesperson if he or she is over 18 years old; can provide a Social Security Number or a Federal Taxpayer ID Number; and complies with all other New York State licensing requirements. A foreign citizen who is not a permanent resident cannot become a licensed real estate broker under New York State licensing law. Important Note: Licensed real estate salespeople in New York State must be sponsored by a licensed broker in order to earn their license. Please check with an attorney with regard to your eligibility to be sponsored by a licensed broker if you are a foreign citizen.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ section above?
Livechat with one of our team right now. Otherwise send an email to courses(at)ryanserhant(dotted)com.