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Attention: real estate agents who want more leads & listings...
Revealed: My entire social ads lead generation system!
Learn How To Scale Your LEAD Pipeline Using Social Media Ads Without Hiring An Expensive Marketing Manager
The real estate world has changed...
The real estate sales game today is no longer just an old school game of:
  • Door knocking
  • Referrals
  • Networking
Yes - That’s All Important, Don’t Get Me Wrong.

And any form of prospecting is better than doing nothing.

But what if I were to tell you there’s a way to generate leads on demand and create a marketing system where people come to YOU, rather than the other way around?

Something that can help you avoid being in a “feast or famine” cycle where you don’t know where the next lead is coming from…

Something that can generate leads FOR YOU, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week - without you being directly involved...

The answer?

Social media ads.

It has changed the playing field for everyone for the better.

In fact...

I think social media is the greatest gift ever given to the real estate industry!

One of the things that’s pushed my career from point A to point B is that I explore every avenue.

Whether I’m negotiating a $20 million deal in Manhattan or EXPANDING my new brokerage, SERHANT., I want to know I’m doing the most I can.

I want to squeeze every single drop out of an opportunity.

When I discovered the power of social ads - specifically Facebook and Instagram - I multiplied my income, influence, and reach.

Facebook and Instagram ads offer an unrivaled rich, diverse, and deep level of ad targeting options no other advertising platform can provide.

Unlike a generic billboard most people ignore, social ads allow you to reach your ideal client efficiently and not waste ad dollars showing to people that are not interested in your services.

This cannot be achieved with almost any other marketing channel.

According to a recent study from the National Association of Realtors, social has become CRITICAL to scoring clients and closing deals across the industry. Here’s a brief snapshot of the report’s findings:

  • 47% of real estate businesses note that social media results in the highest quality leads versus other sources
  • 99% of millennials (and 90% of baby boomers) begin their home search online (as opposed to in-person referrals)
Translation? social media is an absolute goldmine for real estate businesses!

Remember - lead generation is your #1 job as an agent.

Facebook is a no-brainer and remains a staple of marketing for real estate agents.

Beyond being where your audience is likely hanging out, the business features built into Facebook are perfect for real estate businesses.

Social media ads can change EVERYTHING for your lead volume…

No matter what you’re doing throughout the day, it gives you the opportunity to generate leads and build your brand, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

But only if you know how to do it right.

I started as someone who was unknown 12 years ago, as a failed actor with no contacts or industry connections...

From there, I was able to build the most-followed real estate brand in the world.

SERHANT., my brokerage earns 100,000,000+ impressions each MONTH on social…

And it’s all from my consistent Facebook ads strategy I’ve been using for years.

Within my first month of using this strategy, I TRIPLED my lead volume.

Along the way, I've collaborated with some of the top digital marketers to refine my ad strategy into a MACHINE that really works.

Now, after many, many requests from my clients, I’ve decided to share my exact social ad framework in something brand new I’ve developed...

Introducing my social ads course!
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Learn how to sell through social from the most followed real estate brand in the world!
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I’ve taken everything I know and packaged it into my course where I outline exactly how I built my social brand using simple, easy-to-execute social media lead and listing ads!

I’ll show you the EXACT blueprint I use to successfully boost my leads and find fresh buyers from an unlimited global pool, and keep your cost-per-lead as AFFORDABLE as $3-$5 per lead.

It comes with 2+ hours of content, 24 chapters, and 16 worksheets that guide you every step of the way.

You’ll learn how to scale your lead pipeline using social media ads without hiring an expensive marketing manager - because as agents, we’re not career digital marketers or computer scientists.

This course is going to change everything for you when it comes to social media ads. I can say with complete confidence that there is no other course like this out there.

Here’s What’s Inside:
Part 1
Discover my complete framework for building and publishing high-converting lead and listing ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Learn how to apply my GPC Framework to build a successful social ads strategy
  • Invest your digital marketing budget in an efficient way to scale your lead pipeline
  • Understand how to activate the data you get back from your ads
  • ​The overall social ad structure: we dive into ad campaigns and the anatomy of a high-converting ad both for real estate leads and property listings
  • How Facebook spends your money and optimizes your ads: Learn how Facebook actually handles the heavy lifting for your ad placements
  • Your Key Performance Indicators to measure results: KPIs enable us to make data-driven decisions about the money we spend on our social ads. Data does not lie, and it can mislead if you don’t understand how to interpret it
  • And much, much more!
Part 2
Setting Your Strategy
Master the four steps for writing compelling ad copy, learn to create lead magnets your target clients crave, and understand how to set an ad budget that works for your business in your market.
  • How to set goals that you can build on as you ramp up your lead generation campaigns
  • Create offers that package your expertise and solve your prospective client's pain points
  • Facts tell, stories sell - how to implement storytelling into your ads to engage your audience and promote your listings
  • The 6 steps to create the perfect lead magnet for your business (I also include 7 lead magnet ideas)
  • How to create high-converting social ads for leads and listings (including powerful headline and description ideas, and my own examples!)
  • And much, much more!
Part 3
Creating & running social ads
Put my blueprint into action with Rafael Angarita, my personal digital marketing director, and Amy Herman, a top agent on my team. You’ll see how we create listing ads for a $30 million penthouse and lead ads for Amy’s signature NYC market report.
  • Learn how to assemble your lead generation machine within Facebook Ads Manager
  • Activate your email lists and create targeted audiences with Facebook's Special Ads Audiences
  • Optimize your social ads campaigns and maximize your digital marketing budget
  • ​The seven questions we ask every agent on our team to determine the targeting for each ad set within their lead ad campaigns (don’t start an ad without answering these questions!)
  • Our 4-step formula to crafting high-converting ad copy for both lead and listing ads
  • How to target your audience
  • ​How to set up your Facebook Ads manager
  • And much, much more!
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Build and expand your network of like-minded agents and salespeople in 108 countries all around the WORLD.

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Get the 25 plug-and-play sales and marketing email templates my entire team relies on EVERY DAY to follow up with clients, present offers, and close deals.

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Agent brand marketing templates

Download the same marketing templates my team uses for marketing postcards, showsheets, and showbooks. Get professionally-designed marketing collateral to set you above your competition.

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Luke’s corner

Want an expert’s eyeballs on your videos? Luke Martin, our in-house producer and former agency producer for Bravo, provides personal feedback on YOUR real estate marketing videos.

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Guides, downloads & bonus resources

Every buyer – especially those new to the process – can get confused and lost in the real estate sales process (that’s where you come in!). Get access to the actual Buyers Guide I review with every client before we go out to see homes plus nearly ten other downloadable guides and bonus resources.

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Join us every other week for virtual workshops on topics like staging, virtual tours, LinkedIn strategy, digital marketing funnels, and more!

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Expert insight and analysis on the latest real estate news and trends plus access to case studies of recent multi-million dollar deals.

Ryan Serhant
About Ryan Serhant

I’m Ryan Serhant. You might recognize me from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York or Sell it Like Serhant or from my massive real estate YouTube channel. I’m the founder and CEO of SERHANT., a vertically-integrated mega brokerage comprising an in-house film studio, education arm, marketing division, and technology platform.

Before striking out on my own, I led the #1 real real estate sales team in New York City as ranked by The Wall Street Journal (and #3 in the United States).

Other Accolades Include:
  • The most followed real estate brand in the world
  • 94.7% Closure Rate
  • Ranked #1 Team In Sales Volume In NYC For 2019 by Wall Street Journal’s Real Trends
  • ​Ranked #3 Team In Sales Volume Nationwide For 2019 by Wall Street Journal’s Real Trends
  • ​And now I’m sharing WITH YOU all of my secrets and all of my tips, tricks, and strategies on how to leverage social ads to multiply your income, impact, and influence.
About Rafael Angarita
Digital marketing director and your Co-instructor

Rafael is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and managing the overall digital marketing strategy for all SERHANT. brands through CRM, paid search and social, display and video marketing, influencer partnerships, and content planning.

Prior to joining SERHANT., Rafael worked with several verticals-focused startups in the online education and healthcare industries. He helped them drive growth and expand market share through paid social and data-driven media buying initiatives. Throughout his career, Rafael has managed over $50,000,000 in digital marketing spend and has been scaling lead generation programs for the past 10 years.

Rafael's relentless approach is focused around one thing: generating qualified leads. You’ll be learning from him throughout Part 3 of the social media ads course.

Rafael Angarita
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If There’s One Lesson I Learned Very Early In My Real Estate Career, It Would Be...
“You have to be willing to spend money if you want to make money.”

Sure - you can stick with free ways of marketing such as cold calling, knocking on doors, or relying on referrals…

But if you want to build a scalable, recognizable brand where people approach you, rather than you approaching them, you’ll need to invest in your business eventually.

The best metaphor I have for the importance of spending money on ads is the metaphor of a fisherman.

As real estate agents, we are always out in the sea, fishermen fishing for our next big fish. As commissioned salespeople, we eat what we catch.

We can put our fishing rod into the sea from our boat, and maybe we’ll get that catch without bait.

However, it’s much harder, and we won’t get nearly as many bites. It’ll be random, if we just happen to have a fish swim into our hook.

The best fisherman fish with bait – and they need to buy bait before they go out fishing!

Social Ads are your bait.

And they are the best bait out there right now to get MORE bites.

My Social Media Ads Course Is For You If…
  • You want to grow your real estate business and MULTIPLY your lead and listing volume
  • You want to have people come to YOU, rather than always feel like you have to proactively prospect to generate new business
  • You want to avoid being in a “feast or famine” cycle where you don’t know where the next lead is coming from
  • ​You want a proven system that generates you leads, listings, and builds your brand 24/7, 365, without you having to be directly involved
  • ​You want to master social ads and learn from the most followed real estate brand in the world!
Social Ads Course Is NOT For You If…
  • You’re not willing to invest any money to grow your business into paid ads (you don’t need a huge budget to start off, but you do need some marketing spend to invest...this is what the entire program is about!)
  • You don’t believe paid advertising works, no matter how much proof we show you
  • You want to stick with traditional means of getting leads, and don’t want to grow or scale using social ads
Moving Forward, You Have 2 Options...

From here, you have 2 options…

The first option is to do nothing, and keep doing the same things you’ve been doing - you may be earning a living as an agent, or just starting out like I was 12 years ago. Either way, your results and income will stay the same.

The second option is to invest in yourself by taking advantage with my Social Ads Course - where I reveal everything I know when it comes to using Facebook and Instagram Ads to MULTIPLY your reach and generate leads on demand for your brand.

If you’re already running ads, I guarantee our process will help you convert more.

If you’re just starting out, this will be the perfect program to use to run ads the RIGHT way when you eventually invest into them.

Won’t it be great when YOU as your future self looks back and thanks you for taking advantage of this, as you see new leads come through the door, day after day?

It’s entirely within your reach...

The choice is yours.

I hope to see you inside!

Ryan Serhant
Ryan Serhant

P.S. - Skimming? Okay, let me sum up the deal for you real quick.

Today, I’m offering you to join my brand new Social Ads Course. I’ve taken my entire social media ads framework and packaged it into my course where I outline exactly how I built my social brand using simple, easy-to-execute social media lead and listing ads. I’ll show you the EXACT blueprint I use to successfully boost my leads and find fresh buyers from an unlimited global pool while keeping my cost-per-lead as AFFORDABLE as $3-$5 per lead.

It comes with two hours of content, 24 chapters, and 12 strategy worksheets that guide you every step of the way. If I were in your shoes and KNEW social media works to build a real estate brand, I’d want to learn it from the person who created the #1 most-followed real estate brand on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to sell real estate in NYC or in the United States to learn from the course?

No! We have thousands of members in 105 countries across six continents who have joined Sell It Like Serhant.

All of my social media strategies apply no matter where you sell. Sure, some details of the types of transactions may be different in your market. But these are all universal strategies you should use wherever there are humans buying homes from other humans. That’s everywhere.

I don’t sell luxury listings like Ryan does! Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. Just as selling is the same no matter where you live, the fundamentals of selling are the same no matter the price point. And, remember, I didn’t start in this business selling Park Avenue penthouses. I made $9,000 my first year in real estate doing rental deals. It took me a long time and a lot of hard work to make my way to the top of the market. Everything I used to get there – and you can use too – is in my course.

Do I need to get my real estate license before I join?

No, you don't need your real estate license. If you enroll now, you will already have a leg up on your competition from Day 1. You’ll already know how to run social media ads from the get go.

I think this is too expensive!

I’ve never regretted investing in myself in the decade I’ve been selling real estate in the most competitive market in the world. Why? I’m always asking 80-year-old Ryan the decision he would make now, in hindsight. The answer is always the same: Invest now. Do the work now. Sell more now. When I’m 80, I can look back and say I gave myself the best life I could for myself and for my family. That’s it. For 80-year-old you.

I’d like to pay in a foreign currency

If you prefer to pay in a currency other than U.S. Dollar, please chat or email us: [email protected]

Is there a deadline to complete the course?

There is no deadline! Once you join the course, you have access for life.

I already watch Ryan’s vlogs on YouTube. How is this different?

This is my entire social media system broken down step-by-step. It’s the entire blueprint. You won’t find the technical know-how through my YouTube channel (or through anyone else’s).

I find Facebook Ads too complicated, and I’ve tried them without success. Will this still work for me?

This is designed for real estate agents who are not digital marketers by training nor are they computer scientists. So, you’re in the right place! Most of us don’t have full-time digital ads strategists on our teams. So, the strategies I’m going to show you are all strategies you can use personally as a single agent/broker, or they are something an assistant can do.

I’m too scared of paying for ads without seeing an ROI?

If you’re scared of investing money into advertising, then being a real estate agent may not be right for you! Yes, results from social media ads (or any form of advertising) are not guaranteed, but there’s nothing out there I’ve seen get me a greater ROI at scale than paid social ads. I learned early on that you have to be willing to spend money if you want to make money in this business, and I know this principle will serve YOU well when it’s done right.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ section above?
Livechat with one of our team right now. Otherwise send an email to [email protected].
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