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How Long Does It Take to Get
Through Real Estate School?

When you’re so excited to launch yourself into a brand new business, one of the most difficult things to do is wait. And while it’s true that getting a real estate license doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t take as long as other professional licenses. But just how long is real estate school on average?

The first thing you need to know about getting a real estate license is you don’t need a bachelor’s degree. A high school diploma is a base requirement, and some states do not even require one. That still begs the question, though. How long will it take?

How long does real estate school take to complete?

The length of time it will take you to complete real estate school depends on a few factors. Here are just a few:

  • How much time do you have to devote to take the course? 
  • Will you take it online or attend in-person classes? 
  • How many credit hours are required by your state to qualify for a license? 
  • What is your state license exam process? Do they have an automated application, or is it a mail-in system?

On average, it takes two to six months to complete school and earn a real estate license in a traditional classroom setting. If the online route is better for you, you can take an online pre-licensing course and finish it in as little as eight weeks if you pace yourself accordingly.

How many credit hours does your home state require?

Every state sets its own rules and regulations for issuing real estate licenses. Every state has real estate education requirements that have to be met before earning a real estate license. 

States require that you take a pre-licensing course before taking the state exam. These courses are assigned credit hours. Your state will determine how many credit hours are needed for licensure, and you will need to pass your state’s real estate exam to receive the credits. 

The best way to ensure you’re following all the guidelines set forth by your state is to check with your state’s real estate commission to determine how many credit hours you will need to get licensed. These requirements can be found with an easy Google search. 

Will you take classes online or in person?

Before you sign up for your state’s real estate class, weigh the pros and cons of a classroom setting vs. online courses to determine which is the better fit for your lifestyle. Here are some important things to consider:


Online classes are designed to give you 24/7 access no matter where you are. You can work from home, at the coffee shop, your kid’s basketball game, or even the beach. On the other hand, in-person courses are offered at a specific location and on a fixed schedule that may require some finagling of your personal schedule.


Online classes generally are less expensive than in-person classes. You can also factor in your savings from not having transportation costs associated with an in-person course.


If you enjoy face-to-face interaction with an instructor, then an in-person class is for you. There is an advantage to having a live instructor available if you have questions or need help with your studies. Some online courses may not provide this level of support. However, newer video platforms can help bridge the gap.

Social interaction

Interaction with other students can be an essential part of learning for some. If this includes you, in-person classes would be an excellent choice for you. There will likely be forums available in online courses which allow you to communicate with other students. And the recent boom of video communication platforms like Zoom and Skype may also help you make connections with your online peers. 

How much time are you able to study for?

How much time you have to devote to studying depends on your situation. If you can spend all day studying, you will progress through the course faster. If you are working around a job or other obligations, it will take you longer. 

Pre-licensing courses prepare you for taking the state exam and help you gauge how long the test will take. Once you complete the pre-licensing course, you are free to take the state final real estate exam. When you pass and pay the associated fees, you are ready to submit your application for your real estate license. 

When it comes to the exam, you also need to keep in mind the parameters that your state sets for the real estate licensing test itself. Consider the following factors when setting your timeline: 

  • How many times are you allowed to take the exam?
  • Is there required downtime between test attempts?
  • How often is the exam offered?
  • Do you need to wait an extended period after numerous failed attempts?

What are your state’s licensing requirements?

Each state has different licensing requirements. You can check with the real estate commissioner’s office in the state you wish to obtain your license to find out specifics for that state. This chart will give you some basic information.

How long does real estate licensure take on average?

The real estate licensure process timeline varies from state to state. If your state has an automated application process, the time frame will be shorter than if you need to mail everything in. 

The average time it takes to complete the required credit hours will vary from a few weeks to up to six months depending on the route of study you choose to take. Once you have completed the required courses, you will take the real estate exam and apply for your license. 

It can take anywhere from two to six additional weeks for the state to process your exam results and issue your license.

When you think about it, getting your real estate license is more time and cost-effective than many other professional opportunities. You can fast-track a career in real estate by educating yourself on the rules and regulations for the state you wish to practice. 

Being prepared before you jump into real estate school puts you in a position to power through the process and build confidence on your journey to building your real estate career. 

If you think that real estate school is on your horizon, check out Sell It Like Serhant. It’s a complete road map to setting yourself up for success as a real estate agent and provides in-depth training on business set-up, lead generation, negotiation and deals, and so much more! If you’re looking for a pre-licensing course specific to your state, we’ve got that too. 

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