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How To Improve
Your Reputation The
Right Wayby Ryan Serhant

Your reputation is how people are going to view you. It is what people think of you, and what they assume about you. One thing that I try to make clear to people is that reputation is something you can control. Reputation is not determined by what other people think, it is determined by what you do.

People talk a lot about a personal brand, which is a big, vague idea related to what you want people to know you by. Brand is a big picture concept that can be difficult to manage, but reputation is something you can harness and improve today.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can improve your reputation with your actions and your behavior. Improving your reputation is not as hard as you think it is. It really just boils down to being conscious of what you need to do and doing it.

Simple Ways To
Improve Your Reputation

Your reputation is how you are seen – and there are many tools at your disposal to change that. You are ultimately in control of determining your reputation. The way you do this is by having actionable strategies that effect your reputation, and making them a habit.

The following are tools that you can add to your daily routine to ensure that people always view you in the right way. With these tools, you can form a strategy for reputation management that, above all, ensures you have a positive effect on those around you.

Go The Extra Mile

One of the most effective ways to have a strong reputation is to go above and beyond for people. An easy way to define this is that you should be doing the things that other people won’t. You need to become the person who is known for doing whatever it takes to get something done for someone.

Of course, going above and beyond will change depending on the situation. But it’s pretty likely that, given the situation, there will be an obvious way to do something more.

Most people won’t do this because it just seems like extra work. But the reality is that the “extra” work might be the most important work you do, because it is what is going to separate you from other people.

No one talks about the person who does exactly what they’re supposed to. But the person who goes the extra mile every time – that person’s reputation grows.


Gifts are an easy, effective way to show people you care. The most important factor with gifts is to track important details. If someone tells you their birthday, write it down. If someone tells you their dog’s birthday, write it down! You need to know everything about your customer, and you can then send them gifts when you think something should be celebrated.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive. The old cliché is that it’s the thought that matters. But regardless, this cost is nothing compared to the benefits you will receive to your reputation.


As with anything in life, the little things go a long way in building your reputation. You have to get in the habit of doing all the little things. Because in the end, these little things add up.

I’m talking about formalities that make you a more confident, competent individual who respects their clients’ time. You already know what these things are – stand up straight, look people in the eye, firm handshake, dress well, get a nice haircut, etc…

The key is to make these things habits. They should be automatic, not something you plan for. These are what you do, and they are how you act. You don’t need to add these to your schedule, because they don’t require planning, they are just what you do.

Your Reputation
Grows Beyond You

The reality is, so much of your reputation can be controlled by you. The above steps are all very helpful in making sure that your reputation grows the right way. It shows that you command respect, and that you earned that respect because of the way that you treat others.

Reputation is exponential. It grows beyond just you and your circles. If you grow your reputation the right way, people will hear about you, and they will hear good things. New opportunities will open up because people will know you as the person who is willing to work hard and achieve exactly what you set out for.

Believe it or not, people want to say good things about you, you just need to give them that chance. So take this advice to heart. I know it will work, because it has worked for me time and time again.

Final Point: It’s About
How You Treat Others

I can see how this article might seem a little self-absorbed. People have a tendency to think that focusing on their own reputation can get a little narcissistic. But the reality is, you are trying to grow your reputation based on how you treat others. The only way to grow your reputation the right way is to be good to people, and what’s so selfish about that?

So whether it is an interaction you have with a client, with a friend, online, with a family member, on social media, or anywhere, you just need to focus on being good to people.

Because ultimately, you are in control of your reputation, but that is determined by how people view you. So there really is no way to “fake” your way to a good reputation, and it’s not some marketing strategy. You simply need to have the work ethic, and dedicate the time to helping others.

A good reputation is a tool that will open up opportunities in your personal and professional life. It is a priceless asset that you have to earn, so make these changes and start to earn yours today.

- Ryan